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Orange Cream Soda x Timewreck (5 pack)

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Sonic Screwdriver is a must for every commercial growers’ toolbox – you will hardly find a better yielding strain than this. Based on a genetic blend of Orange Cream Soda and Timewreck, this 75% Sativa/25% Indica hybrid is a great tool for relaxation and chilling in front of the TV set or in company of buddies, but also works great if you want to get things done and need that extra push of focus to knuckle down.
Sonic Screwdriver is suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation – to achieve the best results, make use of her vigorous growth and trim her into a bushy shrub of about 75-100cm height. Sonic Screwdriver really lives up to its Sativa heritage, taking 9-10 weeks to reach full maturity. Looking at the produced buds you will clearly see the Sativa influence as well – the spiraled rocket-shaped flower clusters are way more airy than those of an Indica. The THC level of 15% may seem moderate for present-day times, but the sheer amount of the harvest is a great compensation.
The smoke of Sonic Screwdriver has a citrus taste that is strongly reminiscent of oranges and induces a very relaxing effect, helping in reduction of symptoms of anxiety, ADHD, depression and nausea as well as diminishing pain. A side-effect patients suffering from anorexia will welcome with arms wide open is the increased appetite after smoking this weed.


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