Micky Kush 5 PACK REG – Homegrown Natural Wonders


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Sweet Irish Kush X Jack the Ripper

Sativa/Indica: 75/25
Harvest: 49-56 days
Height: Medium tall
Yield: Medium to Heavy
Recommended for Indoor & Outdoor Growing
Best way to grow: Top out into a round bush early.
Taste/Aroma: Sour earthy kush with undertones of lemon.


Mickey Kush packs a strong punch and has been known to come up with a knockout on the first hit. This mostly Sativa strain set a record for THC content at our testing lab, and it also has a high percentage of the cannabinoid CBG, which may play an important role in fighting tumors. This top THC producing strain has a short budding cycle of just 7 to 8 weeks. A little goes a long way, and with proper pacing, Mickey Kush is a great strain to get you started and through the day. Phenotypes: The 3 main phenotypes are Sweet Irish Kush dominant, the Jack the Ripper dominant, and one that shared characteristics of BOTH parents High Type: One hit of Mickey Kush is more than enough for a novice smoker, and even seasoned smokers may find their thoughts racing a bit too much after more than a few hits. At the right dosage, this provides a clear head and the energy to get things done, with strong pain relief. May be helpful for: Nausea, ADHD, pain relief, depression. REG STOCK, NON-FEMINIZED


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